Triple Laminated Aluminium Moisture Barrier Bags

Triple Laminated Aluminium Moisture Barrier Bags keep pharmaceutical tablets, capsules, and bulk drug powder safe from moisture damage.


  • Provide excellent moisture fence
  • High temperature resistance
  • Light in weight
  • Keep products odorless
  • Complete climatic protection

Triple laminated bags are made with Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) which is widely used to keep packaging products safe from the damaging effects of moisture. LDPE bags are used as the most effective packaging solution for pharmaceutical and drug products.

These bags are highly reliable in controlling the moisture from pharma or drug packaging products and protected them for the long period.

These laminated bags have the ability to keep the products safe in the packaging which is being stored for longer time. These bags ensure to maintain the efficiency and reliability of the products which are packed to keep them away from odor, moisture and external environmental conditions. They are triple layer film plastic bags which provide high level of protection from the moisture. The moisture proof triple laminated bags are available in variety of sizes and shapes depending on the application requirement and product packaging shape. Such bags never react with its content, thus ensure to deliver the products to the customers in its original stage and value.

Usually in cargo when products are transported from one location to another via shipping and takes several days to reach its destination, these bags work effectively in disallowing the moisture, odor, oxygen and toxins to harm the packed products. The main packaging products are pharmaceutical tablets, capsules and powder. They are also helpful in number of consumer applications such as shopping and product wrapping. The high quality material bags offer the best possible moisture resistant way for the stored and packed goods. You require choosingthe bags or pouches made with plastic or aluminum foil as per the product needs.

Sorbead India supplies quality USFDA approved TLA bags which are useful in variety of applications for different solutions. We deal with range of laminated bags and pouches to provide long lasting durable packaging solution for numbers of agriculture, pharmaceutical and food applications. Our reasonably priced TLA bags are highly valuable among our clients from all across the globe. Our reasonably priced TLA bags are highly valuable among our clients from all across the globe.