Food Grade Bags

Food Grade Bags


  • Do not react with the food items
  • Made with chemical-free material
  • Recyclable
  • Ability to control moisture and humidity in the packaging products
  • Puncture resistance
  • Tight seal ability
  • It has physical, chemical and biological barrier properties
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Food grade bags are highly effective in storing the food products with great care and save them from spoilage due to any reason. It prevents the products from the effects of changing climatic conditions when they are being transported from one destination to another.

To maintain the freshness and quality of packaging food products which are stored or transported, these products need to be packed in the bags that help them to keep control on moisture, odor and mold that may spoil the items.

Food grade bags are available in range of grades that are chosen based on the sensitivity and other needs of the food items. These bags provide highly efficient outcome and ensure to improve the performance of several food applications. They come in plastic, aluminum foil and other laminated material that gives best possible result in protecting the products.

The different transparent white color, shape and size of these bags help the food to keep their products, away from moisture and humidity. They are manufactured using advanced technology.

These bags are considered as the easy and simple solution for almost all kind of products over packing. They are moisture proof, waterproof and dust free packaging laminated bags which are used according to the specific requirements.

Sorbead India offers high quality films and liners for the food industry to make the packed food items free from moisture, odor and mold. Food grade bags are USFDA approved and are suitable for storage and transportation of food products. We ensure to deliver consistent products to meet the demanding needs of the food industry. We provide them in bulk quantity and can be customized as per the customer’s needs.