Pharma Grade Bags


  • Remove moisture, humidity and toxins
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Improved shelf life
  • Temperature resistance
  • Tensile, seal and burst strength
  • Available in variety of sizes
  • Compliances: 21 CFR 178.3130

Pharma grade bags are the most demanding laminated material used for the packaging products in the pharmaceutical industry. The delivery of the medicines and drugs to the customers is the challenging task for the healthcare products manufacturers.

To sustain the efficiency, quality and performance of the products, Pharma grade bags are the best solution to eliminate the risk of leakage, moisture effects as well as to the safe delivery of the products.

They are moisture free, odorless and not toxic bags. These bags are suitable to protect bulk pharmaceutical tablets, drugs and medical powders from the moisture and humidity.

They also work effectively in extending the shelf life of the packaging pharma products. These bags are produced without any additives or chemical materials so there is no chance to have adverse effects to the tablets, capsules and drugs packed in bags.

Not only this, these bags also bring great results in removing the toxins from the packaging materials. Such bags are the ideal packaging solution for bulk drug substances and other bulk pharmaceutical products by storing them in the effective film and bag liners.

They are available in different sizes and shapes based on the packaging of the particular product. It is considered as one of the economical way of protecting the drugs and other medicines by maintaining the film clarity and quality.

Sorbchem India has expertise in designing, manufacturing and supplying quality, FDA approved of Pharma grade bags at the most competitive prices. These bags are customized as per the customer’s needs. We are strongly committed to provide excellent customer service, quality production and regulatory compliance. You just need to select the standard film thickness that best meets the needs of the specific packaging product.