Pharmaceutical LDPE Bags – The New Relief To Pharmaceutical Industry

Nowadays the plastic industry has totally taken over the market. Each and every product purchased from market, comes packed in plastic bags. But gone are those days when these plastic bags were a reason for pollution in the environment. Nowadays LDPE bags are quite in trend. These bags are manufactured from petroleum and are also termed as low density poly ethane bags. Its environment friendly, recycling qualities has increased the demands of this material. These bags are not only used in food and packaging industry, but it is highly demanding in pharmaceutical industry as well. When tested, it did not show any reactive activities when tested against acid, bases and alcoholic materials. As it has least reaction activities, it is the idle container to store medicines. In order to meet the requirements and demands of people all over the world various manufacturing companies have also launched sealing bags.

The advantages of LDPE bags are that they are light in weight and are available in different sizes on demand. These bags are easy to clean and maintain and thus the bags can be used in multiple purposes. In order to design a single LDPE bags certain amount of petroleum is passed through high pressure process of free radical polymerization. The actual process is done in a gas phase reactor. This is a chemical process in which singular molecules are combined in groups which are termed as polymers. This process is adopted to produce goods which we have to use in our day to day life. LDPE can be mixed with different materials, according to the requirement. Like Ultra violet inhibitors (UVI) can be added to prevent the film from damaging in direct sunlight.

If you are certainly in a pharmaceutical industry, there is not much requirement to explain the importance of LDPE bags. These bags are perfect to store chemicals in powdered form. It is very necessary to keep the pharmaceutical products properly sealed, in order to stop any environmental reaction. As these bags are the best which provides best protection as they are air tight. These pharmaceutical bags bar any environmental catalysts or react with the medical products and thus retain its originality and effectiveness. Apart from this some other applications of LDPE products are in floor tiles to provide strength and durability. It is also used in garbage disposing purpose. It also has its own important functionality in coating application and firms.