LDPE Bags – exploring the new avenue of packaging!

LDPE bags are the most frequently used product in the market. It is also said to be Low-Density poly ethane bags. These bags are made from petroleum, which initially goes through many high-pressure free radical polymerization processes. There is one more reason behind its popularity that is it has excellent recycling capability. These bags are extensively used in the pharma packaging industry. When kept at normal room temperatures, it shows its least reactive activities. It can easily withstand temperatures up to 80o centigrade and shows high resistance against acids, bases, and alcohols. Its high resistance against vegetable oils, mineral oils, and various oxidizing agents has highly increased its demand in the packaging and medical industries. It is almost used in every medical agency for the packaging of medicines. When packed in these LPED bags, the medicines show their least reactive actions until the bag is opened.

As LDPE can be molded easily, it is also used molded and used in various laboratory equipment as well. In laboratories, it is used to store highly sensitive powdered chemicals. The reactions mostly occur when the products are exposed to the environment. So, chemical powders are packed in these LDPE bags when transporting medicines. These LDPE bags are also good from an environmental perspective as they recycle easily without polluting the environment. Although these LDPE bags are light-weighted and flexible, they can carry more than 50 times their weight.

Suppose the bags are manufactured by a good company and meet the requirements and standards set by the national and international governments. In that case, it can be used for various laboratory purposes as well. The size, color, and even thickness of bags can be customized easily as per the requirements. Many times, LDPE is mixed with other materials as well to overcome some of its drawbacks and to make it stronger. The bags made from LDPE tend to be more slippery, so sometimes, some additives are mixed to make them less slippery. These bags also tend to charge up on their own, so it can be quite risky when using any electronic item. That is why Anti-static additives are mixed to keep it static-free.