• Linear Low Density
  • Fractional Melt Low Density
  • UVI
  • Anti-static
  • Flame retardants and Anti-Block Additives are used in our LDPE bags.
  • In-house testing done for -Full physical testing capabilities including FT-IR, DSC, Tensile, seal and burst strength.
  • Compliances: 21 CFR 178.3130
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We provide LDPE bags which are Virgin bags. USFDA material antistatic bags. Our bags are widely used in API, excipients, pharmaceutical powders, bulk tablets & capsules packaging.

The special additives used do not affect the film clarity or quality and is therefore most economical to use, as a standard film thickness can be selected.

Our LDPE bags are similar to ones used by the innovators which completely takes care that the material packed inside does not get spoiled in any manner. EACH and EVERY component of the LDPE bags used during its manufacture is all USFDA approved.

It is produced by blown film extrusion process.


  • ISO 9002
  • USFDA Approved
  • EU compliance
  • 21 CFR 178.3130